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9790 W US HWY 36-On the east side of St. Paris, Ohio 43072

Saturday October 22,2016               Starting at 10:00AM


JEWELRY, PRECIOUS METALS AND COLLECTABLE CURRENCY: Diamond tear drop 14k gold; Simulated diamond earrings sterling silver; Simulated diamond necklace sterling silver;,  Simulated diamond bracelet sterling silver, Swarovski diamond bracelet sterling silver, Swarovski cherry gold pendant, diamond sapphire ring gold 10k, amethyst birthstone earrings, 14kgold 8.5 medium .25ctw diamond ring pearl, gold nugget diamond necklace 14k, Cairo Egypt hieroglyphics necklace, Avon- necklace and earrings, tallow ribbon flag, sterling bracelet, sterling silver blue necklace, Avon- costume gold flower bracelet with earrings, gold 14k sexy necklace, snowflake sterling silver necklace, actual pearl necklace, fashion heart earrings blue stone, Nine West- 2-tone ladies watch, Monet 18k chain, 2-tone bracelet gold silver,18k silver chain, Monet sterling silver 3-tone earrings, trolley chain, 9/11 remembrance pin, gold necklace with Santa, broken 14k gold chain, Avon- 3 stone cuff bracelet, gold earrings button, gold pearl, gold hoop, flower beaded bracelet- handmade, Monet chain set, ¼ cwt 14k white gold ring, $700 -&2 bill all dated 1976, $70-$2 bills in order dated 2009, $8- $2 bills dated 2009, $70- $2 bills dated 1976, (9) $1 silver Certificates- dates varied, (10) .50 per roll Canadian pennies-lot, (2) $100 1969 and 1985, (7) $100 bill with stars, (3) $100 bills with stars (802, 804, 805 serial numbers), 1981 $20 bill, (2) 1950, (1) 1981 $10 bills,1963, 1988 $1 bill, 1953 silver ben franklin half dollar, (21) Kennedy silver half dollars, (15) silver rounds .999 troy ounces, (11) 1776 bicentennial quarters, (38) Susan b Anthony dollars- assorted dates, (8)- bicentennial Kennedy half dollars, 1943 d steel pennies lot- (2) .50 rolls, (14) presidential dollars lot; No date silver walking liberty half dollar; (2)1943D steel pennies;1958 silver quarter; 2003P Uncirculated Arkansas quarter; (91) Eisenhower Dollars lot; Assorted Japan Yen; (3) 1000 Japan Yen; 1935S Mercury dime; 1931 Mercury Dime; 1962, 1968,1969,1970,1978,1982 proof sets; 2005 proof set with quarters; (2) 10oz. .999 troy oz. bars; (2) Silver Eagles -2012, 2010; 1982 90% silver commemorative half dollar; 20oz silver Apmex; Brass Star; Sweet Tea Jar of Pennies dated 1983 and below weight 16lbs 3.8oz; 100oz Bar,(5) Grains of Silver; Ampex Silver; (20) Silver Eagles 2013; (60) Silver Eagles 2014; (100) Silver Eagles 2015; (40) Silver Eagles 2016;(1) Silver Eagle 1999; (1) Silver Eagle 2004; (1) Silver Eagle 2010; (1) Silver Eagle 2013; (2) Avon Necklaces; Washington Quarters State Collection Volume II 2004-08 Filled book; Coins of the 20th century book-missing quarter; Washington Quarters State Collection 1999-2003 Volume I; Eisenhower-Anthony Dollars collection1971-99 missing 1977 & 1978; United States President Dollars Volume 2007-11 Philadelphia & Denver Mints book; United States President Dollars Volume 2011-15 Philadelphia & Denver Mint book; Kennedy Half Dollar Collection 1964-85 Number one Book -missing 1964D, 1965; Lincoln Cents Collection 1941-71 Number two book -filled, Kennedy half dollar collection 1986 to 2003 number two book ( missing 1987p,1987d19), 1929D buffalo nickel; grains of silver, 1/10 oz. gold coin, , 1883 CC Morgan dollar MS65 NGC graded,   APMEX gold coin, 1/10 oz. American eagle gold coin, 1/2 oz. AMPEX, 1989 Morgan dollar MS62 NGC graded, 1887 Morgan dollar, 1887S Morgan dollar, 1899 O Morgan dollar, 1890S Morgan dollar, 1881 Morgan dollar, 1886 Morgan dollar, 1927 Peace dollar AU53 graded, 1776/1976 Eisenhower dollar, 1972 D Eisenhower dollar, 1974 D Eisenhower dollar, 1971 Eisenhower dollar, 1943 P silver war nickel, 2003 S proof Illinois quarter, 1921 mercury dime, 1940 silver quarter, 1928 mercury dime XF+, 1883 Liberty V nickel Racketeer, 1883, Liberty V Nickle no cents, Buffalo Nickle -year unknown, 1937 Buffalo Nickle, 1936 Buffalo Nickle, 1920 Buffalo Nickle, 1936D Buffalo Nickle, 1979 S Sacagawea dollar, 1941 D walking liberty half dollar, (200) .9999 Troy Ounces rounds, High Point .40 Carbine Rifle with Magazine, Bond Arm 45 colt Derringer  

LONGABERGER COLLECTABLES: 2000 w/tie-on, liners century celebration; 2001 hanging with liners; (3) stacking w/liners 1998,98&99, All American w/tie-on liners 1995; Easter w/tie-on liners 2002; Horizon of Hope w/lids and tie-on’s liners 2001-03; 1994 Edition Sunflower -liner, tie-on, lid; Pie Basket 2001 w/liners, lids & separator; Sweetheart basket w/liners, tie-on 1993; Sweetheart w/liners, tie-on 2002; Let it Snow tree trimming w/liner 2000; Basket w/leather straps, 1 with liner, 1 w/o 1995, 1997; Halloween Basket w/liners, tie-on, extra liner 1994; (2) small baskets w/lid and liner, 1 w/o 1999, 2001; Basket w/liner 1993; Love angle ornament 1998; Pie basket w/liners blue striped, separator, tie lid and wrap handle 2001; Stair step basket 1997;(2) small baskets w/liners 1995, 1998; basket w/liners and wood lid 2001; Basket Special hostess Edition w/liner, lid 1997; Century 2000 cheers basket w/liners, tie on; 1998 Dresden Tour basket with liner and wood dividers; Plates -red, green yellow, blue; Soup pot with bowl, plate, ladle, and lid; Cookie Jar with lid; Pancake bowl, Candle holders, Gravy bowl, (3) crocks, 1lg, 1sm; Tea Pot, Homestead crock w/wood lid; Cinnamon candle; Mailbox basket w/liner 1999; Sewing Kit w/dividers and liners; Picnic basket w/dividers, liners and handle grip 1995; Framed picture; Bushel basket w/protector and liner 1998; Botanical fields drapes,  (4) botanical fields valances, botanical fields drapes different style, (5) ties for baskets or curtains, drapes flowers and valance- all dry cleaned.

GUNS-AUTO-HOUSEHOLD: 2005 Chrysler 300 Touring Automobile 84K miles w/ new brakes, shocks, struts and battery. (Good Clean Auto)T.V, and cabinet, recliner, canning jars, metal cabinet, couches, love seats, large wood cabinet (from Wilder Jr. High), cabinet, end tables, lamps, kitchen table, organ, lift chair, queen 4 pc. bedroom set, twin bed, queen Ann chair, queen 3 pc. bedroom set, Toshiba, Pioneer electronics and speakers, handmade pine end tables, oversized chair and ottoman, sentry safe, fans, crystal bowl punch set; plate rack, rose teapot, yellow flower vase, avenue crystal small vase w/buckeyes, Yankee candle set -lilac blossom; Hamilton beach blender, rival crock pot, (16) misc. vases, Black&Decker 3 part crock pot, Pampered Chef trifle bowl, regal coffee maker, Misc. trays/bowls, polka dot glasses, picture angels, picture embroidered, picture embroidered Santa, Christmas Tree, Fans, Lamps, Large Picture w/round circles, (3) pictures with round circles, Magic Chef refrigerator, Bradford basket, Valarie’s Folk Art Basket w/liners, Bradford Apple Bushel Basket w/tie-on, (2) Dolly Parton Bedspread and pillow shams one with purple shams and one with blue shams. Brown Curtains/brown sheers/white sheers, Ceiling Lamps (3) High Point .40 Carbine Rifle with Magazine, Bond Arm 45 colt Derringer  

ANTIQUES AND COLLECTABLES: chairs, 3 Orr Felt wood boxes, other wood boxes, Schwinn bicycle, cabinet, sled, wicker chair, sausage press, hobby horse, ice crème pallor chair, hall tree, mirror, rocking chair, clock, cane bottom chair, large marble top cabinet, China cabinet, 6pack coke-full Jan 29th 1995 Joe Robbie Stadium, Vinyl Records 33 and 45rpm, (8) Coke/Pepsi/7up/Dr. Pepper Bottles,  (24) Fanta Bottles, (2) Mountain Dew Bottles, (2) Pepsi Bottles, Box of Multiple Grave Saddles, Pinball Machine, 6 Pack Cokes Cans National Champs OSU,  Borden’s Milk Glass Jug, American Girl Outfits: Wedding Dress, Roller Blade Outfit, White dress, tights hairbrush, bloomers; Brand New American Girl Snow Much Fun snowman set,VHS movies, Clear Glass Jug, Decker’s Lard Cans 41bs, 7 crates coke/Pepsi, Sprite Bottles (24), Maxine Year in a box calendar 2016, Vintage Knit-o-Matic.

TOOLS- ELECTRONICS- GAMES AND SPORTS- MISC. ITEMS: Electrical: conduit, ladders wood and metal, 2 temporary service poles, power made generator 54 series – 5000 watt, air compressor, misc. electric wiring, electric fittings, lots of electric supplies, 2 set of pipe benders – 1 Greenlee, Blue Ox tow bar, tool belts, drill press, grease gun, motors, wrenches, knockout punch driver set, fire extinguisher, hammer drill, extension cords, climbing spikes, exhaust fan, wood drill bits, sump pump, Bru-cex feeder, scaffling, 3 solar panels for hot water with pump, shop vac., sump pump, Stanley tool box, bag of nails, shop Vac, Sump Pump.

Wii Fit, Garmin 1350 Nuvi, VCR & Remote, Radio, Telephone, TV Antenna, Cisco Linksys Router, outlet covers, Access HD TV Box, Halloween costume box, license plates, Santa and Mrs. Claus Outfits EUC, OSU Jacket. Children’s Frozen pajamas, Red KTH Roller Bag, Knights in shining armor. Old game wooden booby trap, Old Game King Oil, Tubs, balls, bats, bases, Ping Pong Balls, Poker Chip Set, Horseshoe Set, Free Weights, Ohio State Metal bucket, koozies football and calendar, minute-to-win-it game supplies, tailgate party box, football field ice cooler, and cheerleading Pompoms. Multiple kites, Many Board Games.


AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This is a large auction with many items not listed. Coins, Guns and Auto will sell at Noon. We will run 2 auction rings most of the time.

Auction Terms: Cash, credit cards or check with proper ID – Lunch served by Tin Roof


John Wiles- Owner

 Joe Sampson Auctioneer

Fletcher Ohio

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